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Plain, Everything, Poppy Seed, 
Sesame Seed, Onion, Garlic, 
Salt, Rye, Bialy, Whole Wheat,
Cinnamon Raisin, & Chocolate Chip. 
Single= $2.25              
1/2 Dozen= $10.95
Dozen= $15.95

Plain, Vegan Plain, Garlic & Herb,
Rosemary Garlic, Garlic Dill, 
Toasted Everything, Veggie,
Scallion, Jalapeno, Dirty Martini,
Cinnamon Sugar, OREO Cheesecake, 
Strawberry, & Blueberry. 
Bagel with plain schmear = $4.75
Bagel with specialty schmear$5.75

Bagel with Salmon Schmear       $7.95
(plain cream cheese with pieces
of smoked Nova salmon)
Bagel with Whitefish Salad          $9.50
Bagel with Smoked Nova Salmon  $10.95                  
Bagel with Salty Lox                  $11.95
Bagel with Pastrami Nova Salmon $12.95
(Capers, onions, & tomatoes  available.)
Carry Out
6oz Plain $5.95           6oz Specialty $7.95
8oz Plain $7.50
           8oz Specialty $9.50
3oz Smoked Nova= $11.95         6oz Whitefish Salad= $11.95
3oz Salty Lox= $12.95               8oz Whitefish Salad= $14.95
3oz Pastrami Nova= $13.95

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