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It all began when Janna took her first bite of a New York Bagel on 72nd street with Pete at her side. Her first words were "Wow! This is crazy delicious!" He smiled knowingly, having grown up eating bagels the way they were supposed to taste in his native New Jersey.  


A descendant of immigrant Eastern European bakers, Pete had flour and water in his DNA. Paired with Janna, a ten year food industry executive, the idea of Meshuggah Bagels was born after years of carrying dozens back in their luggage from visits to the east coast. Meshuggah-- 'Crazy' in Yiddish-- pays homage to the first taste that started it all.


"Bringing New York to Kansas City, One Bagel at a Time" means sharing the old world taste that is absent from every bagel in the KC Metro. The crusty outer shell and moist, yeasty center are the product of authentic, old-world methods; Artisan flour. A secret mix of yeast, malt, sugar, and salt with the all-important boil before baking.  


Try a dozen and taste the difference...




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